June 11, 2014

Hi there. This is my first post. I’m getting ready to release the app, and so I thought I should get some content up on the website before it goes live!

I’d like to explain the background of speakto, and why we made it. It all started when I moved into a new house, and I couldn’t hear my kids in their playroom when I was in my office. I soon realized that the new house was very well insulated, and we couldn’t hear each other anywhere. After our voices began getting scratchy trying to call the kids for dinner, I realized we needed a real solution to this problem.

I started looking around at intercom systems on Amazon and was disappointed by the selection available. All of the wireless solutions I found were hideous and had bad reviews. The alternative was a wired system, which looked a little nicer, but required running a whole lot of wiring. I was not looking forward to the work, but seeing as I had no alternative, I reluctantly placed an order for one of the wired intercoms (over $1000).

Being an Amazon Prime customer, the intercom showed up in a day or two… but then it sat. I was scared to start cutting wholes in my walls to run the wires. Finally I got the courage to cut a couple of exploratory wholes to figure out where the wires were going to go. Unfortunately, this did not go well. Every place I tried to drill through had something blocking it, beams, pipes, etc. This was going to be a difficult job.

After the intercom sat in my office for another few weeks, I decided that this wiring was not going to happen. Then I realized that for the price of that intercom system, I could buy some used iPad Minis to mount on the walls. This was the ideal solution! No crazy wiring, plus all of the other benefits of having iPads mounted on the wall. In addition to the intercom, these iPads can be used for music, calendar, recipes, whatever! Plus, its just awesome to have an iPad mounted on the wall!

Now I just needed to find an app to do what I wanted. Surely something had to exist already… To my surprise, nothing did! And so began speakto, a solution to my problem and hopefully yours too.

I want to make this app awesome for everyone, and I am very interested in your feedback. Please get in touch with me with any problems, suggestions, or other comments. I will make regular updates as bugs are fixed and new features are added. I am still looking for the right mount to put my iPad Minis on the wall at a reasonable price. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.


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