iOS 8 bugs! Beware!

September 24, 2014

UPDATE Sept. 28: Apple released 8.0.2 and it seems to have fixed the Bonjour issues that some customers were seeing! It’s great to get to blame Apple for that problem! We’re still not sure yet about the WiFi issues that have been reported, but these seems to effect only a small number of people.

UPDATE Sept. 24: I have occasionally been able to reproduce an issue where two devices never find each other on the network. In this scenario, the problem seems to be with the service resolution from Bonjour, the service that allows devices to find each other on the network. I have discovered that Apple has made some major changes to Bonjour in iOS 8, and there are several reports of issues like the ones some of our customers are seeing. In addition to experimenting with other methods, I am also following discussions on the Apple developer forums very closely to find work-arounds to this issue.

Thanks to a few helpful customers, I have discovered that in some cases, there are connectivity problems when using speakto intercom with iOS 8. I have been frantically trying to identify and fix these issues, and will plan on using this blog post to keep you all up to date. Until this issue is resolved, if speakto is very important to you, I would recommend waiting to upgrade to iOS 8 if you haven’t already done so. There are several reports about WiFi issues in iOS 8, with some people suggesting some possible fixes on this page – Please post in the comments if any of those suggestions help resolve your issues.

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