Setup is simple. All you do is install speakto on all of your devices, and make sure they are connected to the same wifi network. Once initial settings have been set (see below) they will automatically find each other and begin communicating! Note that due to restrictions from Apple on what apps can do in the background, the initial connection must be made when the app is in the foreground. After they are connected, then everything else works in the background and when the screen is locked.


For each device on your network, you can give it a name to identify where that intercom will be, for example, “Front Desk” or “Kitchen”. You can also choose an icon to represent each intercom for quick identification. These will show up on the other intercoms that connect to it.

Each intercom has 3 modes:

  1. Monitor: Always listening, great for kids’ rooms or an area that you want to keep an ear on.
  2. Private: By default each intercoms can enable monitoring on other intercoms, but by enabling private mode, monitoring is disabled, so that you are not unknowingly being listened to.
  3. Mute: Mute mode turns off all incoming sound. This is useful if you want to have one monitor for listening only.

You can also mute a single intercom if for example, it is being monitored and you don’t care to hear it from a certain other intercom.

Demo Video