Big Update and a Demo

August 5, 2014

Today, the latest version of the app, version 1.0.2, went live on the app store! Make sure to download this update, as it has some great improvements to reliability and stability. In addition to the update, I also created a (quite amateur) demo video to show off some of the features to help curious potential customers see how it really works. Please, continue to let me know about any of your ideas, problems, or other thoughts and I will continue to be responsive.

The demo video shows these key points:

  • Automatic Detection and Connection – When first starting speakto, all other devices on the network will be found and connections made. The video shows four other devices connecting.
  • On Screen Speaker Visualization – When someone is speaking, their name and icon shows on the screen. You can also see the “Recording” indicator when speaking in this clip.
  • Background Functionality and Audio Ducking – This clip shows that the intercom functions when the app is not in the foreground. You will notice the notification appear at the top of the screen. Also, when music or some other audio is playing, it will be “ducked” (volume reduced), when sound comes in and when recording.
  • Locked Device Functionality – Here, we show that the intercom functions when the device is locked. Notice the audio still comes through and there is a notification.

Special thanks to the early customers who took the risk, gave it a try, and stayed in touch with me!

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